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A Little About Me

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ― Marthe Troly-Curtin

I always think it's best to start with an introduction so people can get a feel for who I am. So my name is Amy, I am 26 years old and have been riding since I was 5. I started the same as everyone else.. at a riding school slaving for any free ride I could get. After four years, my mum decided I had proved my dedication enough that I could have my first pony. MY OWN PONY. So we went and tried a few out. Lets just say the woman saw my mum coming. Mum not being the most knowledgeable horse person, wanted something we could share. Bearing in mind I was 3 foot and a fart, we ended up with a scrawny, 4yo, Haflinger that stood about 14.1hh already. Heidi flew through the two week trial and it wasn't until we got her home that we realised something might be amiss. She basically rodeoed from A - M, head between her toes, launching me into orbit. Over the next three years I developed what my mum best describes as a 'superglue bum'. She actually broke two people's collar bones on the riding school, Heidi was a charmer alright. Eventually after three years mum decided to sell her and we then bought a gorgeous Connemara X who I adored.

Sadly, I outgrew Casper fairly quickly and we ended up in yet another disaster situation. I'll save that story for another time as it leads to an important topic. I then had a fabulous allrounder, Rowan, who was just the best, but he didn't particularly excel in any discipline and the pressure of what I wanted to do was too much, so again, we decided to sell. Thus leading to Woody, the main man in my life the past 10 years (the big brown one you see above). I've been lucky enough to go from my teenage years into becoming a young woman, with him by my side. We trained from prelim up to advanced together before the work was just too difficult for him. A month or so ago I made the tough decision to put him out on loan so he could have an easier life and teach all his wisdom to someone else. He is currently living the dream with the two Lucy's.

Another huge part of my life was three years ago when I left my family, friends and job to relocate from Kent to Hampshire. Why you may ask? Well of course, for a boy. When I moved I literally had nothing and had to re build my whole life. I went through two different livery yards, after being at the same yard for 9 years before the move. It was tough. After temping for a little while I luckily landed an office job within the first month of the move. Fast forward three years, I not only have a life, but am still working in said office job. Now, horses are my passion, but office work pays the bills and as we know, horses do love to suck that bank account dry!

All settled, I decided I wanted to get back into working with horses. It had always been the plan, however the relocation had ground those plans to halt. I decided that I would love to be able to help horses, but not being able to stand the sight of blood, guts or gore, I knew the vet life is NOT for me. Long story short, I qualified as an Equine Massage Therapist. I absolutely love nothing more than when a client messages me to tell me how amazing their horse has been since their treatment. It gives me life. So if your furry friend needs a massage, get in touch!

I got a new addition to the team last year, a little 16hh (at a push, every inch counts) Westphalian mare, 8yo, green and sharp but super talented. With Woody slowing down, I decided to add to the team. She was part of the instigation to let go of the apron string's with Woody. With a full time job, now one horse, massaging horses on the side, I found a little time. In that little spare time I picked back up with a passion I had lost touch with for 10 years. Drawing. After getting all passionate at a pottery painting class at Centre Parcs, I ordered some paper and pencils, began drawing again and bam, sold two commissions already so far. Another passion and keeps me out of trouble.

So that is, believe it or not, a brief introduction to my life thus far. There are pieces I want to go into more detail with, but that is for another day. My main aim with my blog is to keep it all REAL. I feel like social media is SO good at deceiving you and making you feel that everybody else's life is all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, but we all know that can't possibly be true! Horse's are a great way of keeping you grounded at all times, generally everything that can go wrong normally goes wrong at the worst possible time! BUT those down days, they make the great days even greater! I want people to know they aren't alone with this.

Thanks for reading.. if you got this far!

Until next time x

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